Ghools’ Painting Tips – Choosing the Right Brush

Are you unsure of which brush hair will suit your needs?
What’s the best brush hair and for what purpose?
What sizes and shape will you need?

What are the brands I have used, and currently use?
What are my current favourites?

This video goes in-depth explaining the main differences between synthetic and kolinsky sable hairs, when best to use them, their properties, and which brushes will best suit your personal miniature painting needs.

This video is less about brands, and more about which brush hairs to look for, and how to identify a good brush for you, regardless of brand.

This is not a comprehensive brush brand review, and more of a comparison based on what I have used, and what is most readily available to me locally.

I do provide opinion on:

Windsor & Newton Series 7 & Cotman
Formula P3
Raphael 8404
Citadel Artifcer
Series 700

I provide my opinions on my favourites, and the brands I have personally tried, which are my most often used brushes, and why.


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