Ghools’ Painting Tips – Speed Painting: Zenithal Prime & Glaze

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The first in a series of videos in which I will be covering various speed painting techniques.
The first installment deals with utilizing zenithal priming (AKA sketch priming) and thick glazes to achieve fast and easy shades and highlights.

This video allows one to stop at any point with which they are satisfied, and one can continue to the end for a high quality paint job in less than half the time it would normally take.

This method is not the fastest way to paint. But, for getting a very high quality result, the time-saving techniques demonstrated here cannot be beaten.

All paints used are Formula P3 by Privateer Press unless otherwise stated.

All paint mixes using this method REQUIRE the use of glaze medium. You can do it without, but the finish won’t be as smooth, and you may end up with tide rings and ‘splotchiness’.

All mixes should have at least one drop of glaze medium within.

Skin Base – 15/85 Sickly Skin + Arcane Blue + a drop of Bastion Grey
Skin Shade – 50/50 Mix of Greatcoat Grey + Arcane Blue
Skin Highlight – 30/70 Mix of Sickly Skin + Arcane Blue

Scale Base – Gravedigger Denim
Scale Shade – Coal Black
Scale Highlight – 25/75 Mix of Sickly Skin + Gravedigger Denim
Edge Highlight – add more Sickly Skin to previous Highlight

Loincloth Base – Sanguine Base
Loincloth Shade – Umbral Umber
Loincloth Highlight – Sanguine Highlight


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