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Drifters Desktop – Step by Step of the Nocturna Sad Knight

Drifters Desktop – Step by Step of the Nocturna Sad Knight

Welcome to another Drifters’ Desktop.  This time, I’m going to go through a step by step (as much as I can remember) of the Sad Knight from Nocturna.  This was a limited edition resin that I managed to get my hands on.  I don’t know what it is about the sculpt, but there is something

Drifter’s Desktop – Issue 6

Unfortunately, what with Christmas and all, I’ve been a bit lazy.  I’m sorry. I did however buy a new camera – a Canon 70D.  So here are a bunch of photos! [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span4″][/col][col class=”span6″][/col][/row] I tried pushing the light about as far as it would push, I think.   [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span6″][/col][col class=”span6″]This guy

Drifter’s Desktop – Issue 3

  I shall launch this week with the promised image of my scar! It has obviously healed a bit since this, too, but its not a bad one!  This is probably 5cm long, too. [collapse id=”collapse_7″][citem title=”Expand to see the scar” id=”citem_42″ parent=”collapse_7″] [/citem][/collapse]   This week I assembled my Cyanolith.  For those of you

Drifter’s Desktop issue 2

I’m going to get this out of the way first.  For nearly a week I haven’t been able to move of my side.  I’ve been on my back for nearly ten minutes now so I can get this and the McVey interview up and its killing me.  I can bear it, though, because I’m high

Studio Showcase – Studio McVey

For any hobbyist who has been around for a while the name “McVey” carries a distinct prestige with it.  It is a name which has been prevalent within the hobby industry for longer than many of us have been around and, hopefully, will be around for some time yet. As mentioned, you’ve been around in

Drifter’s Desktop

G’day all. First let me acknowledge that its been a while.  I screwed my back fairly decently a couple of months ago, now, and its been playing havoc with my schedules etc.  As a result, I haven’t actually been doing many of the articles that I should have been doing.  My apologies for that! Anyway,