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Tutorial: Assembly Guide – Building an Extremoth

Welcome to a special assembly guide tutorial! This will likely be the last tutorial I post for a while, as I’m needing to focus on clearing my desk of commission projects, and getting ready for Lock n’ Load 2012. I plan on having a new army to debut, and some stellar models for the painting

Tutorial: From Beginning to End – Rhupert Carvolo

Welcome to another of Ghool’s tutorials! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This time around, as a result of a few reader requests, I am going to just demonstrate how I paint a model from start to finish. I use several techniques I’ve already covered. Familiarize yourself with Two Brush Blending, Washes and Glazing, and

Ghools Graveyard – Model Critiques and Feedback

Welcome to my Graveyard! This is a new on-going series that will hopefully run bi-weekly, depending on my schedule, and amount of submissions I receive. Submissions? You’re thinking, what would our faithful readers be submitting you ask? Your models! What will I do with them, you ask? I will provide an un-biased, and well-informed critique