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Tutorial: Assembly Guide – Building an Extremoth

Welcome to a special assembly guide tutorial! This will likely be the last tutorial I post for a while, as I’m needing to focus on clearing my desk of commission projects, and getting ready for Lock n’ Load 2012. I plan on having a new army to debut, and some stellar models for the painting

Tutorial: From Beginning to End – Rhupert Carvolo

Welcome to another of Ghool’s tutorials! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This time around, as a result of a few reader requests, I am going to just demonstrate how I paint a model from start to finish. I use several techniques I’ve already covered. Familiarize yourself with Two Brush Blending, Washes and Glazing, and

Ghools Graveyard – Model Critiques and Feedback

Welcome to my Graveyard! This is a new on-going series that will hopefully run bi-weekly, depending on my schedule, and amount of submissions I receive. Submissions? You’re thinking, what would our faithful readers be submitting you ask? Your models! What will I do with them, you ask? I will provide an un-biased, and well-informed critique

Tutorial: Basics – Glazed Over: Washes and Glazing

Welcome to another article in the Basics Series for Miniature Painting! In this article I will demonstrate techniques for glazing, and washing, and the difference between the two. The majority of this tutorial will cover glazing, since it is a technique a lot of painters struggle with understanding; How thick does the glaze need to

Tutorial: Assembly Guide – Cylena Raefyll and the Nyss Hunters

Welcome to the first installment of the Assembly Guide series of articles! This series will go over the most common (and maybe some not-so-common) difficult to assemble models in the Privateer Press range, and provide the reader with simple to follow instructions on how to put these models together in the easiest way possible. In