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Attack-X Tabletop Wargaming Expo

Attack-X Tabletop Wargaming Expo

Master Event Attack-X is proud to have become a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier Masters Event for the 2016 Invitational in St.Louis. This will be one of the last events before WMW so it will be a stop to gain important points, or a possible berth in the Warmachine Weekend Invitational. The winner of this event will

Modular Army Transport Kickstarter

The fine folks behind the Modular Army Transport donated one to our own Dallas, so it’s only fair that we let you know their Kickstarter is active! Clear plastic army cases that show off your army and keeps them upright without the hassle of having to magnetize your minis, so go check them out! <<>>  

Own a Mercykiller Army!

Hey folks, Mercykiller back with more updates from the Infinite Empire! In addition to the pics from the new Bradigus and Krueger2 armies I just finished converting, you’ll notice that I’ve also included a few others. Why? Well, glad you asked … Each year the RFP team plays in the Gauntlet ( to raise money

Hellforged 4: A Blight for Charity (Blighted Bather and Attendants)

Welcome back for this week’s edition of “please call the Model cops, he’s cutting us,” also known as the Hellforged! In this week’s article I tackle the Spawning Vessel or, more accurately, the Blighted Bather and her Attendants that Adam was so kind to provide 🙂 Remember, this entire Hardcore army, Battlefoam bag, and custom