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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Feathers, or Fine Detail

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Feathers, or Fine Detail

Becoming a Patron helps me maintain the channel, and it also helps you get models painted by me! Be privy to an exclusive, in-depth video series on miniature painting, win commissioned models, painted models, and have my knowledge at your disposal. There hasn’t been a better time to become a Patron. This is another

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Brown

Become a Patron and win models like the one featured in this video! There’s my best articles, contests, raffles, exclusive videos, and more when you become a Patron. One of the easiest colours to paint, and master in miniature painting – brown. One of my favourite colours which is also one of the most-used

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Native American Skin

Become a Patron, and win painted models, commissions from me, ask questions, get access to an exclusive video series, and more! This video is another in the series of painting skin, and covers the basic colours for Native American, or Amerindian skin. I cover two different colours and tones and the colours used for

The Leyline Presents: Bret Fogel, Team UN’s Circle of Orboros Player

This year I played for team United Nations, which was composed of myself (with my standard Brad/Krueger lists), Bubba from Canada (with Runes/EE), Dom from England (with Haley2/Siege), Russ from Australia (with Vayl2 croaks/Thags2), and Lutzi from Germany (who looked like a freaking genius for taking Denny1/Skarre2). Round 1: Finland Blue Yes, the team that

RFP 2015: Episode 20 – Bradigus

In episode of 20 of Removed From Play we are discussing the meta bending Bradigus. Bradigus T4 – Woldguardian x2 – Wolwatcher x6 Sentry Stones x2 Shifting Stones x3 Focus: Emanuel Class (Bloodrath) Host: Tim Banky (TimtheEnchanter) Co-Host: Matt Ramsey (Goris) Co-Host: Jacob Frelinger (Dr. Jake) Co-Host: Sam Ross (Susan) Co-Host: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus) You can find

Circle of Orboros: The Leyline – Chapter 2 (Will Pagani Kromac2 interview)

Greetings Rune Carvers and Blackclads, Druids and Omnipotents, Chieftains and Bloodtrackers. My name is Emanuel, also known as Bloodrath. Some of you may know me from the Podcast Removed From Play. Others may know me as one of the authors here at Hand Cannon Online. I’ve played nearly every faction and continue to faction swap seasonally.