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BMR Articles – A Guide for Bethayne, Voice of Everblight by Omnus

BMR Articles – A Guide for Bethayne, Voice of Everblight by Omnus

Bethayne is the Warlock that prompted my very first strategy article. She was my first tournament list, and I played her in all 4 games of my first Steamroller in 2011. I won every game and took home a first place coin at the first event I ever attended. She’s always had a special place

BMR Articles – Kallus, Wrath of Everblight – ADR and the Miserable Ginger Mountain

Fellow acolytes, Jake here, aka Satch. I’ve been really happy and excited by everyone’s response to my original MGM article. I’ve had more people than I can count Facebook message me to talk shop about Kallus. I really appreciate all the fresh takes and inspiration that have been shared with me, and I’ve had fun

BMR Articles – A Guide to Legion’s Heavy Warbeasts by Omnus

Heavy Warbeasts are responsible for most of Legion’s appeal. We want to play our sweet-looking dragon models. Each of our beasts fills a different role, or a better combination of roles, depending on which Warlock you bring them with. This article is going to cover the strengths of each of our non-character heavy warbeasts, and

BMR Articles – A Guide to Hex Hunters by Ullyxes

Hail and well met, Legionnaires. I’m here to share my thoughts with you about my favorite blighted unit: the Hex Hunters. I’ve been using them heavily since the beginning of 2014, and they have brought me a lot of success in addition to being a great deal of fun to use. If you’ve never played

BMR Articles – A Guide to the Throne of Everblight by Omnus

The Throne of Everblight is our Battle Engine. It’s far from the best model in Legion, but it is much better than most players give it credit for. My goal for this article is to get you thinking about some new ways to utilize it. It’s a powerful tool that you want to keep in

BMR Articles – Kallus, Wrath of Everblight: A Guide to the Miserable Ginger Mountain

Greetings fellow blighted brothers, Jake here, aka Satch, this weeks article is about one of my favorite lists of all time, Kallus and the Miserable Ginger Mountain! This unorthodox list is chock full of heavy infantry and is a huge pain for most armies to deal with. A long time ago I was a guest on Removed

BMR Articles – A Guide for Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight by Omnus

Absylonia2 started as concept art from Nick Kay. Then Doug Hamilton took that concept and sculpted one of the coolest looking models in Legion. Now this sweet Warlock is getting picked up by Legion players all over the world. The blighted glee is almost palpable. She is a hot topic, and I figured she would