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Ghools’ Painting Tips – Swamp Bases Made Easy

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Swamp Bases Made Easy

A quick and easy method for great looking swamp bases. This is demo’d on a 50mm base, but it can be scaled down or up as needed. Of course, the bigger the base, the more stuff you can do and cram onto there. I opted for a combination of functional and scenic. Nothing detracts from

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Basing: Using Natural Materials

Get more than twice the video content, and enjoy a weekly release schedule by becoming a Patron. Win painted models, watch complete painting guides and more. It all starts at only $1 a month. This is a quick episode about using natural materials found in your local environment. I demo how to make your

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Lord Carver: Pt. 1 – Skin and Hair

Another video following in the same vein as the Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death: Monster. The first in a series of videos where in which I paint an entire miniature from beginning to end. This time is Lord Carver from Privateer Press’ Hordes. He is a commission to match the same scheme of

RFP 2015: Episode 22 – Maelok

In episode of 22 of Removed From Play we are discussing Maelok. Maelok the Dreadbound ~Bullsnapper x3 max Posse x2 max Croak Raiders x2 swamp gobbers witchdoc croc x2 Pendrake Thrullg feralgeist Focus: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus) Host: Jacob Frelinger (Dr. Jake) Co-Host: Matt Ramsey (Goris) Co-Host: Sam Ross (Susan) You can find all of the RFP List Focus