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Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Guide: Swamp Siren

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Guide: Swamp Siren

The full painting guide for the first Minicrate miniature from Privateer Press, the Swamp Siren. This is the complete process, excepting the base. But, that video is linked at the end of this one. All paints used in this video are Formula P3 by Privateer Press, unless stated otherwise. Skin: Base – Thrall Flesh +

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Swamp Bases Made Easy

A quick and easy method for great looking swamp bases. This is demo’d on a 50mm base, but it can be scaled down or up as needed. Of course, the bigger the base, the more stuff you can do and cram onto there. I opted for a combination of functional and scenic. Nothing detracts from

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Basing: Using Natural Materials

Get more than twice the video content, and enjoy a weekly release schedule by becoming a Patron. Win painted models, watch complete painting guides and more. It all starts at only $1 a month. This is a quick episode about using natural materials found in your local environment. I demo how to make your

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Lord Carver: Pt. 1 – Skin and Hair

Another video following in the same vein as the Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death: Monster. The first in a series of videos where in which I paint an entire miniature from beginning to end. This time is Lord Carver from Privateer Press’ Hordes. He is a commission to match the same scheme of

RFP 2015: Episode 22 – Maelok

In episode of 22 of Removed From Play we are discussing Maelok. Maelok the Dreadbound ~Bullsnapper x3 max Posse x2 max Croak Raiders x2 swamp gobbers witchdoc croc x2 Pendrake Thrullg feralgeist Focus: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus) Host: Jacob Frelinger (Dr. Jake) Co-Host: Matt Ramsey (Goris) Co-Host: Sam Ross (Susan) You can find all of the RFP List Focus

RFP 2015: Episode 05 – Rask

This is episode 5 of Removed from Play 2015 and we are discussing Rask. Here is the list that we are focusing on this episode. Rask +6 ~Swamp Horror 8 ~Bull Snapper 3 ~Blackhide Wrastler 8 Totem Hunter 3 Gatorman Posse 9 Gatorman Posse 9 Gatorman Posse 9 Swamp Shamblers 6 Focus: Dr. Jake Frelinger