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Ghools’ Painting Tips – Non-Metallic Gold (NMM): Gold

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Non-Metallic Gold (NMM): Gold

This quick tip continues on concepts covered in Quick Tips #13 and #14, Non-Metallic Metals. Since those videos both cover the core concepts for NMM, this one is a bit shorter. In this particular video, I go over Non-Metallic Gold. A simple switch of colours can provide the painter with brass, bronze, copper, or a

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Non-Metallic Metal (NMM): Curved Steel Surfaces

This video runs just over 20 minutes, which is long for a quick tip. I go over the lighting nuances when painting a reflective and curved metal surface.  

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Non Metallic Metal (NMM): Flat Steel Surfaces

This video covers some basic, and quick techniques for NMM, or Non-matellic metal. In this video of the series I paint up a gun blue metal armour plate.  

Ghools’ Painting Tips: Painting Trollblood Tartans

In this video I show you how to paint a simple 3 colour tartan pattern. It’s on the same Son of Bragg (not sure which one) you’ve all seen in several videos so far. Next week’s videos should finish him off.

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Faces: Part 1 – The Inhuman Face

Another request for painting faces. This one features more painting of a PP studio Trollblood from the character unit, Sons of Bragg. It’s much longer than the rest of the videos so far.

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Trollblood Skin: PP Studio Style – Part 2

This video covers the highlighting for PP studio Trollblood skin. I’ll be painting this entire Sons of Bragg unit at some point. Expect to see this fella featured in more videos as I paint him start to finish.

The ScrumCast: Ep 4! Just over 7 days!

I can’t hardly believe it. Posted just a over a week since our last one went out. Man hot off the press by our standards…..I mean if we had any. Good times were had. Spirits were up and we had a good laugh. Well we talk about Trolls and stuff. What you reading this for?

The ScrumCast: Ep 3 – Company of what?

We are back and we don’t talk about Company of Iron because who cares? You do? Let us know about it. We are up to are usual scrum where  we discuss, News, Company of Iron, OTC, and our sweet new Data collection. Please use it. Post all your games! Win or lose. Also go check out our Kickstarter! It

RFP 2016: Episode 09 – Lylyth2

In our 9th episode of the 2016 season of Removed From Play we are discussing Lylyth2. Here is the list! Lylyth2 +5 ~Blightbringer 18 ~Ravagore 10 ~Ravagore 10 ~Naga Nightlurker 5 ~Shredder 2 ~Succubus 2 Shepherd 1 Shepherd 1 Forsaken 2 Deathstalker 2 Deathstalker 2 Focus: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus) Host: Matt Ramsey (Goris) Co-Host: Sam Ross