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Wild West Exodus: Plastic Review and Assembly

Wild West Exodus: Plastic Review and Assembly

Having only played Warmachine, the concept of plastic models was completely foreign to me.  Warmachine has gone from metal to resin, but I haven’t put a plastic model together since assembling car models as a kid. As I mentioned in the resin review article, the Hired Hands come in plastic as they come 10 to

SEPTIKON Uranium Wars: Print & Play

The gentlemen from International Hobby World sent me over a copy of the Print & Play version of Septikon Uranium Wars which is currently up on Kickstarter with approximately a week to go from the time I write this. I have never purchased a Print & Play game before so this was a new experience

Product Review – Scibor Monstrous Miniatures

Scibor are a company that I’ve known about for a while.  They seem to share a common passion for dwarves, which is something I can really get behind.  I just love the look of classic dwarves – short, stout and hairy (maybe its my own inability to grow a beard).  I ordered a dwarf standard

Product Review – Guild of Harmony

Sebastian WW Archer is a sculpter that many of you would have seen without necessarily even being aware of it.  For one, he is responsible for the work on the resculpt of Ashlynn D’Lyss.   I would argue that Sebastian has a signature style when it comes to working with women and clothing.  His women are

Review: Masterworks Captain Victoria Haley Statue

As announced at Lock and Load 2013, Privateer Press has released the first of their Masterworks statues: Captain Victoria Haley. Being ranked Captain makes this pHaley or Haley1, as eHaley (Haley2) holds the rank of Major, so this sculpt does not features the mechanikal arm. What’s in the box? A 1-peice Haley statue, a base