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100 Days to paint : Solid Ground

100 Days to paint : Solid Ground

  I figured I’d do a quick basing tutorial alongside a painting one I was working on. To me, bases are probably the biggest thing that sets my work above the work of people of similar painting skill. The base is really a frame for your work, and you owe it to the miniature that you

Lock and Load P3 : Gallows Grove Entry Part 1

Gallows Grove from Putty to Prime The following is a Photo blog of my Diorama entry for the 2014 Lock and Load P3 competition.  This model I managed to work on for the week leading up to lock and load. It was really enjoyable to take a week off and just model and paint. Materials

Thursday’s Child – Episode 9 – Swamp Basing

So let me start by saying I’m not breaking new ground for Handcannon with my swamp basing. [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span6″]Ghool has talked about his version In his Thematic Basing Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 and even talks about some of the stuff I end up using Here[/col][col class=”span6″][/col][/row]   [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span6″]And Alaharen gives

A Beginner’s Guide to … Beginning – Some Assembly Required – Part 1 – Cleaning

A Beginner’s Guide to … Beginning – Some Assembly Required – Cleaning Welcome back to the Beginner’s guide to Beginning!  Today we’re (finally) going to begin assembling our minis. Just beginning with some housekeeping notes: Today’s article only covers cleaning the mini.  Pinning, gluing and greenstuffing the gaps will be in next weeks tutorial There

Thursday’s Child – Episode 6 – Arc Marking Widget

Warmachine, Hordes and IKRPG Base Marking Widget What.. Borka?  I’ve made you your beer, now let me sleep! … Why do you sound like a metallic chick? AutumnStone, Awaken! Rejoice For I have Chosen You to Convey My Glorious Constructions to the World! Prepare Yourself! For Divine Geometries Await!

Basing with Snow

Those who have followed the Getting Started in Warmachine Guide will remember the tutorial I gave on basing.  From that I added a tutorial on adding gears to your bases.  Today we expand our basing knowledge a bit further and makes some snow bases.  I used this technique for simple bases for my Khador models that