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Basing with Gears

Those who have followed the Getting Started in Warmachine Guide will remember the tutorial I gave on basing.  Todays article is a quick way to add gears to your bases, giving the appearance of a battlefield strewn with warjack parts and battle engine debris. [singlepic id=2063 w=320 h=240 float=center] Assembly To start you will need

Quick Review: Resin Bases

Bases provide a great way to accentuate your models.  They can also be used to add a theme or tie a group of models together.  Making your own bases is one option, but for those less inclined to break out the modeling tools and putty, here is a quick review of three ways to get

Thematic Basing – Basing Tips To Customize Your Miniatures

Thematic Basing Tips and Materials This article will focus less on the how to side and focuses more on what sort of things you can do to a base when you let your imagination run wild. Aside from a well painted miniature a finished base can add a sense of completeness to a miniature. When