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Herne and Jonne, Mercenary Firefighters

Herne and Jonne, Mercenary Firefighters

Another post from MK in the same week?! No way, Ted! Yes way, Bill! Okay, dating myself a little there … Back on topic! This Saturday (August 16, 2014) Dark Tower Games in Bellingham, Washington, is holding a tournament and raffle, “No Fuego Loco!”, with proceeds donated to helping folks affected by the fires that have been blazing

The Crimson Harvest: Morna Helstrom, the Blood Raven (aka Makeda1 and Makeda2)

Hello again, my skinless brethren (please, stop screaming as I peel, I just wanted you to feel included)! This week, we finish up the last of Watt’s tournament-winning Makeda1, with a bonus: Makeda2! When I first got into Skorne eight months ago, I had no idea where to go, or what to build. But I

The Crimson Harvest: God’s Eye and Bloodgeist (aka Soulward and Feralgeist)

Another week, another crime against nature! This time we turn our attentions to the Soulward and Feralgeist, two utility solos that help to round out my copy of Watt’s winning Makeda1 list.   As you can see, I’ve already run them through the mill. They’re hanging out together, drowning their woes, trying to forget that

The Crimson Harvest: Orgoth Hellshields (aka Cataphract Cetrati)

Hello, my fine skinned friends, and welcome back to the Crimson Harvest section! After the long break and a quick visit to the lands of IKRPG, we’re back to the blood red and black iron of my terrible crimes against Skorne. I haven’t been lazy when it comes to the Harvest, and I’ve got three

Lock and Load P3 : Gallows Grove Entry Part 1

Gallows Grove from Putty to Prime The following is a Photo blog of my Diorama entry for the 2014 Lock and Load P3 competition.  This model I managed to work on for the week leading up to lock and load. It was really enjoyable to take a week off and just model and paint. Materials

Blood and Paint XII: The Crimson Harvest – A Mammoth Predator, Part 5 (Painting)

Here we are, folks, the last instalment in the Mammoth sub-series! When last we left our intrepid gargantuan, he looked like this:     Let’s get some paint on this bad boy! Within days of first starting to build the Mammoth, No Quarter 53 came out with its Skorne beast challenge. As I finished building

Blood and Paint XI: The Crimson Harvest – A Mammoth Predator, Part 4 (Cannon and Finishing Touches)

    Here we are, folks: the end of the road! When last we left our gargantuan Predator, he looked like this …     But what self-respecting hunter goes out without his gun? Originally, before I latched onto the Predator idea so strongly, I’d planned to have the cannons in pairs on his shoulders,

Blood and Paint X: The Crimson Harvest – A Mammoth Predator, Part 3 (Head)

Time to headbang! When last we left him, the Mammoth Predator was all body and no head. While that might be the ideal for some people, our gargantuan needs a head that weighs nearly as much as his body.     First, let me get this out of the way: I watched way too much