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Murder of Crows – Episode 27 – Caster coverage (feat. Jay Larsen and Robert Mccormick)

Murder of Crows – Episode 27 – Caster coverage (feat. Jay Larsen and Robert Mccormick)

Welcome to the twenty seventh episode of Murder of Crows, a Khador Podcast. This episode is a BEAST OF AN EPISODE AGAIN!!!!! OVER THREE HOURS OF CONTENT!!! we have the NEW cast all back and a special guest  / co – host for this episode in Robert Mccormick. In this BEASTLY episode we keep going and going once more… for

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Lord Carver: Pt. 1 – Skin and Hair

Another video following in the same vein as the Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death: Monster. The first in a series of videos where in which I paint an entire miniature from beginning to end. This time is Lord Carver from Privateer Press’ Hordes. He is a commission to match the same scheme of

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Gemstones

Download all my videos. Ask questions and have them answered in a monthly, exclusive video series. Win commissions and painted models from me every month. And more. Become a Patron. Music by Jessica Sosa. You can listen to her songs here: And you can buy her songs here: A quick and easy

Tyrant’s Handbook: Episode 6 – A Skorne Podcast

We are back and a new episode is ready for download! Tyrants Handbook is meant to be a collaboration between different metas to give you the listener new ideas or perspectives on our beloved Skorne Empire. Please join the Tyrants Handbook Podcast Facebook group and discuss with us any questions or comments you may have

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Blue

Become a Patron and help improve my videos! In return you get to win models painted by me, get exclusive video access, and lots more. This is another in the ‘How to Paint a Colour’ series, and is one of the easiest to master – blue. I paint a ‘true’ blue in this video,