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Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Lord Carver: Pt. 1 – Skin and Hair

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Lord Carver: Pt. 1 – Skin and Hair

Another video following in the same vein as the Warrior of the Sun from Kingdom Death: Monster. The first in a series of videos where in which I paint an entire miniature from beginning to end. This time is Lord Carver from Privateer Press’ Hordes. He is a commission to match the same scheme of

Tyrant’s Handbook: Episode 6 – A Skorne Podcast

We are back and a new episode is ready for download! Tyrants Handbook is meant to be a collaboration between different metas to give you the listener new ideas or perspectives on our beloved Skorne Empire. Please join the Tyrants Handbook Podcast Facebook group and discuss with us any questions or comments you may have

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Legion Carapace/Horns

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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Legion of Everblight Skin

Get access to exclusive videos, win painted models, watch my videos 3 weeks ahead of the YouTube release. Become a Patron. https://patreon.com/Ghool   This video has long been in the queue. After my Patrons voted on a Legion model for me to paint, I have finally gotten around to recording this tutorial. I cover the

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Assembly and Pinning Tips

Become a Patron and watch my videos 3 weeks before they release. Get access to an exclusive interactive video series, win painted models, commissions from me, and more! https://www.Patreon.com/Ghool This video is a great introduction to assembly. I cover the tools needed, and show you how to clean, assemble, and pin just about anything. After

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Feathers, or Fine Detail

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The Leyline – Episode 39: The Circle Orboros Faction Podcast

On today’s episode of the Leyline, we go over Circles master of the slow attrition grind, Baldur the Stonesoul. Tips, tricks (or complete lack thereof), and builds to get you going with this old Circle Orboros rock of a man. With the Stonesoul, you aren’t typically going to do anything exciting, but your stuff certainly

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Brown

Become a Patron and win models like the one featured in this video! There’s my best articles, contests, raffles, exclusive videos, and more when you become a Patron. www.Patreon.com/Ghool One of the easiest colours to paint, and master in miniature painting – brown. One of my favourite colours which is also one of the most-used