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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Gemstones

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Gemstones

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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Blue

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Ghools’ Painting Tips – True Metallic Gold (TMM): Gold

These videos covers the basic techniques for base coating, shading, and highlighting metallic golds/brass/bronze. I cover glazing, and making a wash/glaze using inks and matte medium. Switching the base metallic is pretty much all that’s required to paint brass, or bronze as well. I broke this one into two parts, otherwise it would have been

Ghools’ Painting Tips – True Metallic Metal (TMM): Iron/Silver/Steel

This particular video covers methods for painting silver, steel or iron using metallic paints. Basic techniques as well as those discussed in the previous non-metallic metal videos are used in this video. If you find some concepts unfamiliar, I suggest giving the NMM videos a watch first.  

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Two-Brush Blending

This is something most painters struggle with – how thick does your paint need to be when two brush blending? From all of the discussions I’ve had over the years, painters usually thin the paint too much. So, here I’ve gone in close to show you exactly how thick your paint needs to be. It’s

Cygnaran Storm: Lord Commander Stryker

Known to some as Darth Stryker, epic Stryker, eStryker or Styker2, the Lord Commander is very different from his prime incarnation. Where Stryker1 was all about supporting his army with spells like Arcane Shield, Blur and Snipe, Stryker2 is a super-solo bent on assassinating casters by applying sword to face. Super-Solo Stryker Stryker is no

Cygnaran Storm: Storm Strider

The Cygnaran Storm has come across the Storm Strider: Cygnar’s battle engine.  With a long-range, electro-leaping gun, chances to boost and built-in buff for electrical ranged weapons, the Strider presents a lot of opportunities on the field.  Long Range Lightning Two RNG 14 POW 15 Lightning Cannons make the Strider a serious long-range threat.  Not