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ScrumCast: Four New Gamers MK3 – Ep 1 Hello Again

ScrumCast: Four New Gamers MK3 – Ep 1 Hello Again

Four New Gamers MK3 episode 1 Re-introductions, a new co-host, how we dealt with the change to MK3, and so much more.   Slogan contest: submit your best Four New Gamers slogan to the Facebook page, and if we pick yours, we’ll print it on a shirt and give you one.   Four New Gamers

The ScrumCast: Ep 5! Battle for Breath!

We talk with Aaron the mind behind the 2 incredible replicas of Rathrok! Well while one has a home already the other has been donated to charity. Links below or listen close for more information on how to make it yours! (also we talk a bit about the online store policy thing.) For the KRIEL!!  

Bonusode 3 of Glory & Coin – The Warmachine Mercenaries Podcast

Greetings Patrons of questionable motives! We have a special episode that we are just ecstatic about. We have a special guest that has agreed to come on the show. When we first had the idea of doing this, it was post-episode 9. We ended up whipping ourselves into a froth about how awesome it would