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Everblight 2012 – Part VI

Everblight 2012 – Part VI

Everblight is a beast faction. You can play the faction competitively without owning any infantry. But that doesn’t mean our infantry is bad. Actually quite the opposite. We have a nice mix of great units. We just (as a faction) do not offer as much support to our units as we do our beasts. Personally

Everblight 2012 – Part V

If you play the Legion of Everblight, you should play Vayl. She is everything that Legion does, wants to do, needs to do and 8 Fury built into one amazing Warlock. Get her, play her and love her. Screw love. Blight her. Vayl, Disciple of Everblight Vayl1 has relatively low stats besides her 8 Fury.

Everblight 2012 – Part III

This time around I want to talk about Legion’s Heavy Beasts and which Locks like them in their lists. I can honestly say that all of our non-character heavy beasts have their place but the subject is debated so much for Legion because it isn’t always so obvious what that place is. Which Heavy Beast