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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Purple

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Purple

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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Remove a Styrene Model from its’ Sprue

This one was done by request. And since there are so many new Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower owners that might not have any idea as to where to begin. This video is for you. This is a basic guide for mold line removal and the best methods for getting styrene models out of their sprue

Kith, Kriel, and Kin What Kind of List Fits Your Playstyle?

Welcome to another Kith, Kriel, and Kin article. As always, I am Kyle (IAmSweeps on the various interwebs). I took a week off from writing a feature article to get some much needed painting done. I am a huge supporter of “Playing it painted” and I wanted to be sure both of my 50 point lists were fully

Cygnaran Storm: Storm Strider

The Cygnaran Storm has come across the Storm Strider: Cygnar’s battle engine.  With a long-range, electro-leaping gun, chances to boost and built-in buff for electrical ranged weapons, the Strider presents a lot of opportunities on the field.  Long Range Lightning Two RNG 14 POW 15 Lightning Cannons make the Strider a serious long-range threat.  Not

Graduate Level Gaming: Part IV – List Building Section 1

List building Section 1 Hello readers and welcome back to another Graduate Level Gaming article. This week we are going to be Scratch the surface on the topic of list building. If you did not read my previous issues I highly recommend on going back and catching up you can find those articles HERE before