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Ghool’s Painting Tips – Bonus Quick Tip: How to Build a Trench Base

Ghool’s Painting Tips – Bonus Quick Tip: How to Build a Trench Base

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Oriental Circle of Orboros: Part Two, the Celestial Fulcrum

Alright! Holy smokes, it has been a while. I hope some of you still remember this project. I finished the model featured in this article at about the time as the first article went out, but never got around to doing this article. Enough with the details, you’re here to see some more Oriental Circle

Thursday’s Child – Episode 9 – Swamp Basing

So let me start by saying I’m not breaking new ground for Handcannon with my swamp basing. [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span6″]Ghool has talked about his version In his Thematic Basing Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 and even talks about some of the stuff I end up using Here[/col][col class=”span6″][/col][/row]   [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span6″]And Alaharen gives

Thursday’s Child – Episode 6 – Arc Marking Widget

Warmachine, Hordes and IKRPG Base Marking Widget What.. Borka?  I’ve made you your beer, now let me sleep! … Why do you sound like a metallic chick? AutumnStone, Awaken! Rejoice For I have Chosen You to Convey My Glorious Constructions to the World! Prepare Yourself! For Divine Geometries Await!