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The Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box: Painting Khador

Two-Player Battle Box – Painting Khador [singlepic id=1839 w=320 h=240 float=center] For those of you following along at home this is the next stage in my series on the Two Player Battle Box for Warmachine. Last time we looked at Assembling the miniatures. This time we will be looking at painting the Khador half of

Tutorial: Assembly Guide – Cylena Raefyll and the Nyss Hunters

Welcome to the first installment of the Assembly Guide series of articles! This series will go over the most common (and maybe some not-so-common) difficult to assemble models in the Privateer Press range, and provide the reader with simple to follow instructions on how to put these models together in the easiest way possible. In

Tutorial: Basics – Back in Black: Painting Black Armour

I’m baa-aack! With an appropriately named tutorial to boot. It’s been what, a month since I did an ‘official’ tutorial for Hand Cannon?? Not counting the previews of course. I hope you all enjoy, good readers! This is another in my Basics series of tutorials, that covers some of the fundamental techniques in miniature painting.

Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Basing the Beast

Welcome back to Battle Engine Week 2! Last week I revealed what was in the Strom Strider box, and how to assemble the resin and white metal walker. This week, I’ll be building a scenic, and appropriately Epic base, and showing you how to paint the Strider itself quickly, so you can get it to

The Learning Curve: Back to Basics

Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest installment of The Learning Curve. People arrive at the Warmachine and Hordes game systems in many different ways. Some of them are brand-new; they just caught a glimpse of the models and finally passed through the threshold to start their first miniatures game. Others have several years of experience