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Circle of Orboros: The Leyline – Chapter 2 (Will Pagani Kromac2 interview)

Circle of Orboros: The Leyline – Chapter 2 (Will Pagani Kromac2 interview)

Greetings Rune Carvers and Blackclads, Druids and Omnipotents, Chieftains and Bloodtrackers. My name is Emanuel, also known as Bloodrath. Some of you may know me from the Podcast Removed From Play. Others may know me as one of the authors here at Hand Cannon Online. I’ve played nearly every faction and continue to faction swap seasonally.

Decked Out Articles: Part 2 of Woldwrath Wins – A Circle Prime Deck

It’s time I revisit my first article for High Command. I have probably played more games with this deck concept than any other. I’m extremely comfortable playing ‘Woldwrath Wins,’ and rarely expect to lose games with it. The thing that surprises me though: how much small changes in the deck can really matter. Over the

Know Thy Enemy – Part III – Circle Orboros (revisited)

In my first go-around with Circle, I was still fleshing out the concept for this article series, “Know Thy Enemy”. I struggled with how to best realize the statistical significance from the data sources I used. I initially started with pulling statistics out of the Privateer Press Forums List Discussion for each faction. I was

Oriental Circle of Orboros: Part Two, the Celestial Fulcrum

Alright! Holy smokes, it has been a while. I hope some of you still remember this project. I finished the model featured in this article at about the time as the first article went out, but never got around to doing this article. Enough with the details, you’re here to see some more Oriental Circle

Know Thy Enemy – Part I – Circle Orboros

To paraphrase the great strategist, Sun Tzu, if you know yourself and you know your enemy, you cannot be defeated in a hundred battles. Going further, if you know yourself but you do not know your enemy, you will win one battle and lose the next. And the final imperilment, if you do not know