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Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Gemstones

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Gemstones

Download all my videos. Ask questions and have them answered in a monthly, exclusive video series. Win commissions and painted models from me every month. And more. Become a Patron. https://www.patreon.com/ghool Music by Jessica Sosa. You can listen to her songs here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3s_ojAVKRMCx2sY4SDobg And you can buy her songs here: https://www.patreon.com/jessicasosa A quick and easy

Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint a Colour: Blue

Become a Patron and help improve my videos! In return you get to win models painted by me, get exclusive video access, and lots more. https://www.patreon.com/Ghool This is another in the ‘How to Paint a Colour’ series, and is one of the easiest to master – blue. I paint a ‘true’ blue in this video,

Ghools’ Painting Tips – True Metallic Gold (TMM): Gold

These videos covers the basic techniques for base coating, shading, and highlighting metallic golds/brass/bronze. I cover glazing, and making a wash/glaze using inks and matte medium. Switching the base metallic is pretty much all that’s required to paint brass, or bronze as well. I broke this one into two parts, otherwise it would have been

Ghools’ Painting Tips – True Metallic Metal (TMM): Iron/Silver/Steel

This particular video covers methods for painting silver, steel or iron using metallic paints. Basic techniques as well as those discussed in the previous non-metallic metal videos are used in this video. If you find some concepts unfamiliar, I suggest giving the NMM videos a watch first.  

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Two-Brush Blending

This is something most painters struggle with – how thick does your paint need to be when two brush blending? From all of the discussions I’ve had over the years, painters usually thin the paint too much. So, here I’ve gone in close to show you exactly how thick your paint needs to be. It’s

Episode 25 of Forgot to Feat – Dark Omen’s Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Today Forgot to Feat gets to talk with a famous scarf who also brought along Ben Cort. We talk about styles from paisley to tartan and also mention some Haley talk that I’m sure no one is interested in. Seriously. It’s just an hour and a half of home-spun cotton vs. synthetic. Nothing to hear

Episode 2 of Forgot to Feat – Dark Omen’s Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

On this week’s episode, the crew interviews one of their own, Alex Buganski about how he got into Warmachine and his love affair with assassination and eStryker. They also answer a few questions from social media and receive their first live call in! 0:00 Introductions/Announcements 4:40 Interview 26:01 Commercial Break 26:42 Main Topic What is

Episode 20 of RFP: Into The Arena – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Haley1 (Joel) vs Avalon Comics & Games. This episode is a continuation of our in-depth Warcaster series, with an emphasis for the next several weeks on playing Haley1. Joel brought Haley1 to a 20-person 4-round tournament at Avalon Comics & Games in Silverdale, WA, and is here to report the results of the round-by-round list chicken

R.E.C.O. Stormwall – Insights

The video of my converted Stormwall has been online for a few months now and the feedback really has overwhelmed me! Thus, I thought it only fair to give a little more insight into the project – thank you, Hand Cannon Online, for posting this article. As many of you have already seen – if