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Ghools’ Zombie T-Shirts, Some News on Videos, and More!

Ghools’ Zombie T-Shirts, Some News on Videos, and More!

The second shirt for the Zombie Collection is now available at the link below! https://everpress.com/the-zombie-collection-2 There’s 18 days left, which is plenty of time to grab an original Ghool tee. I’ve been on vacation the past couple of weeks, so there won’t be a public video release this week, as I have to play some

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Painting Faces: Part 1 – The Inhuman Face

Another request for painting faces. This one features more painting of a PP studio Trollblood from the character unit, Sons of Bragg. It’s much longer than the rest of the videos so far.

Lock n’ Load: A Painter’s Journey to the Competition – Introduction

Hello, fellow painters! I have decided to create an article series that will run weekly from now, until I attend my first US convention since 1994, in which I will compete against other talented painters in the miniature hobby field. The only convention that I can feasibly afford to make it to this year will

Tutorial: Basics – Heavy Metal: Using Metallics

This article is another in my series of Basic Painting Techniques. In this one I’ll cover using metallic paints, and how to highlight and shade them to have an effect similar to Non-Metallic Metals (NMM). Only by using metallic paint can you get a nice shiny surface that will reflect light, and appear like real