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Hellforged 7: A Blight for Charity (Typhon)

Hellforged 7: A Blight for Charity (Typhon)

Welcome to the final installment of “Sleep is for the weak, and well-rested,” also known as the Hellforged. This week we take on Typhon, king of the beasts, the three-headed wonder-weasel of doom 🙂 For this last go-round, I took lots and lots and lots of pics, so most are medium sized right now and clickable

Hellforged 4: A Blight for Charity (Blighted Bather and Attendants)

Welcome back for this week’s edition of “please call the Model cops, he’s cutting us,” also known as the Hellforged! In this week’s article I tackle the Spawning Vessel or, more accurately, the Blighted Bather and her Attendants that Adam was so kind to provide 🙂 Remember, this entire Hardcore army, Battlefoam bag, and custom