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Decked Out Articles: The Art of Deck Building in High Command

Decked Out Articles: The Art of Deck Building in High Command

There isn’t a simple formula to building High Command Decks. There just isn’t. One of the recommendations you will commonly hear from me is to keep your Rush costs low enough that can dependably get two cards out in a turn, and making sure you include tricks to reverse the pressure at a location. But

Decked Out Articles: Part 2 of Woldwrath Wins – A Circle Prime Deck

It’s time I revisit my first article for High Command. I have probably played more games with this deck concept than any other. I’m extremely comfortable playing ‘Woldwrath Wins,’ and rarely expect to lose games with it. The thing that surprises me though: how much small changes in the deck can really matter. Over the

Decked Out Articles: Angels and Arrows – A Legion of Everblight Prime Deck

We are getting very close to Lock and Load 2016, and I will admit . . . I have had High Command on the brain. I plan to participate in two of the Kingmakers, and I am really looking forward to the convention. I want to share my excitement with the High Command community with

Decked Out Articles: Trolls say No! – A Trollbloods Prime Deck

It is time to talk Trollbloods! This is my second High Command article and I thought my “Trolls say NO!” deck would be the best fit. This has been the closest I have found to a counter to “Woldrath Wins”. This is also extremely fun to play because it is the best example of a

Episode 4 of Removed From Play: Decked Out – A High Command Podcast

We are now up to the 4th episode of Decked Out! In this episode we discuss strategies for fighting over the 4 main locations from Invasion of Sul and then we answer the tough questions…What does Brett Favre have to do with High Command? The goal of Decked Out is to support the growing High