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The Infinite Empire: Faro’Kha (Kromac2)

The Infinite Empire: Faro’Kha (Kromac2)

Welcome to the first installment in the latest phase of my insanity: the Infinite Empire! For those wondering what in Urcaen I’m babbling about, I’ve been toying with an idea for a long time: Stargate-inspired Circle. Take my unhealthy love for all things cartoonishly ancient Egyptian and pair them with a powerful set of beast

The Leyline Presents: Bret Fogel, Team UN’s Circle of Orboros Player

This year I played for team United Nations, which was composed of myself (with my standard Brad/Krueger lists), Bubba from Canada (with Runes/EE), Dom from England (with Haley2/Siege), Russ from Australia (with Vayl2 croaks/Thags2), and Lutzi from Germany (who looked like a freaking genius for taking Denny1/Skarre2). Round 1: Finland Blue Yes, the team that

Circle of Orboros: The Leyline – Chapter 1

Greetings Rune Carvers and Blackclads, Druids and Omnipotents, Chieftains and Bloodtrackers. My name is Emanuel, also known as Bloodrath. Some of you may know me from the Podcast Removed From Play. Others may know me as one of the authors here at Hand Cannon Online. I’ve played nearly every faction and continue to faction swap