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Cryx: Dark Side Chronicles – Queen of Broken Part 4

Cryx: Dark Side Chronicles – Queen of Broken Part 4

Ahoy, Deadites, and welcome back. This will be the final installment of the Skarre 2 series. But today I am joined by a very special guest: Jordan Nach, aka Nachsville on the forums. The list, point for point, that I like most for Skarre 2 was created by Jordan and has never led me wrong.

The Northern Front: A beginner’s Guide for Khador part 1

Welcome Comrade, You have taken up the fight of the motherland to reclaim our once great empire. Now that you have tested you skills and combat abilities with your Battlegroup, now it is time for you to expand your forces and take the fight to the cursed southerners and all the other enemies of the

Know Thy Enemy – Part III – Circle Orboros (revisited)

In my first go-around with Circle, I was still fleshing out the concept for this article series, “Know Thy Enemy”. I struggled with how to best realize the statistical significance from the data sources I used. I initially started with pulling statistics out of the Privateer Press Forums List Discussion for each faction. I was

Know Thy Enemy – Part III – Legion of Everblight

Welcome back to our discussion about getting to know your enemy. In the last instalment, I talked about Sun Tzu’s strategy that if you know yourself and you know your enemy, you will never be defeated. I’m Exterminate, and I’m back with you again, this time for a discussion on the Legion of Everblight faction.

Know Thy Enemy – Part I – Circle Orboros

To paraphrase the great strategist, Sun Tzu, if you know yourself and you know your enemy, you cannot be defeated in a hundred battles. Going further, if you know yourself but you do not know your enemy, you will win one battle and lose the next. And the final imperilment, if you do not know

Kith, Kriel, and Kin How Much Support is Too Much?

Welcome to another Kith, Kriel, and Kin article. As always, I am Kyle (IAmSweeps on the various interwebs). In this article I want to talk about balancing the support in your lists. My hope is that you will gain a better understanding of how to choose which support models/units to bring to ensure your battle plan can work.

List Building with Omnus – Thyra

List Building with Omnus – Thyra Thyra, Flame of Sorrow She is a very interesting caster for Menoth. She almost feels like she is in the wrong faction. Which isn’t neccearily a bad thing. Something different for the protectorate players out there only helps to generate a more diverse meta. But those players often seem torn