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A Beginner’s Guide to … Beginning – Colour Theory – by someone who was never taught Art

I’m one of those science background types. The last art lesson I ever had was what high school foisted on me in year 7. I’ve never been taught Colour Theory – what I know of it is what I’ve learned for myself and what I’ve found by painful trial and error. I’m hoping this gives

A Beginner’s Guide to Heat and Light part 2 – Fire and OSL

A few months ago, I found myself in my kitchen, in the dark, in the middle of the night, with a blue oven mitt, a spoon, and a lit match who’s flame was creeping ever closer to my fingers. Just recently I found myself in a remarkably similar situation, but with the other hand trying

A Beginner’s Guide to Heat and Light part 1 – Fire

Ever since Prometheus stole it from the gods, mankind has loved fire… And for as long as beginner painters have tried to paint it, we’ve thrown up our hands in despair. In part this is because the translucent, light shedding flickering nature of flame does not lend itself to an opaque, static, piece of immobile

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palattes – Painting Faces

So the question was posed … Why are these “Beginner’s Guides”?  I hadn’t thought about it, but, in short, they aren’t necessarily guides FOR beginners.  They are guides BY a beginner. I’ve only been painting a few years.  I don’t have the experience, skill or talent of the likes of Ghool, Althai or Alharen.  I

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palettes – Build your own

I’m not Ghool.  I’m not Althai, Alharen or any of the fantastic painters who write for this ezine.  I’m just a beginner still trying stuff out.  I’ve tried two brush blending, and it really has never worked for me. For blending I use a wet palatte.