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Relic Knights Noh Berserker: Painted and ready for action!

  Hola Cannoneers! So a few weeks ago I posted a few shots of the Noh Berserker that was released by Soda Pop Miniatures for their Relic Knights line.  I had fully intended to follow-up the next week with the finished model, but that just did not happen.  I’ll admit it now, I’m an insanely slow

Model Cleaning: Simple Green Vs. Acetone

Stripping Paint of Miniatures II This time we take a look at the current champion Simple Green compared to the new challenger Acetone. I would like noted that Acetone is a serious cleaner used in some laboratory settings. It is colorless, pretty much odorless and flammable. Gloves and Glasses should be used while working with

Model Cleaning: Purple Power Vs. Simple Green

Stripping Paint From Miniatures Today we have part one in a short series by Agamemnon. This series will take a look at a number of the most often suggested chemicals and cleaners that people suggest for stripping paint off miniatures. Not only will you get side by side comparisons of various products but it will

Relic Knights Noh Berserker Part Two: Building the Beast

Part II: Noh Berserker Assembly and Basing Hola Cannoneers, welcome back to another Soda Pop Miniatures fizz injected post.  Last time we met, I reviewed the Noh Berserker model for the Relic Knights line and it got me so excited I decided to build and paint this guy up. As I said, this model didn’t have a

Product Review: Battle Foam Warmachine Bags & Foam

This will be a two-author review, as both Ghool and myself will have input on this review. Part 1: Cryx I arrived at Lock and Load with a over stuffed AT division case and ended up spending some time talking about Battle Foam with Romeo and taking a look at the new prototype rolling case