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The Scrumcast: Ep 23 vs 2018

The Scrumcast: Ep 23 vs 2018

Welcome to a new year! We are joined my Mike, Tom Wiggins, and James White. Quick Cover Hooch Hauler Cost Kriel Warrior Change Main Topic Plans for 2018 Scrum Main Cast Scrum UK Cast Lists Events Goals Recording goals Scrum IKRPG   The Kriel World Battle Reporter! Like Us!!! on Facebook! RSS Feed! Wednesday is the

The Scrumcast: Ep 08 Goris vs Canada

We are joined by Tim, Drake and Cory. Some great discussion ensues to include the War Wagon CID. Please listen in and feedback is not only appreciated but requested. Thank you for your time! Also this marks the last day of our logo competition. We have some really great submissions! A huge thank you to

The Scrumcast: Ep 07 Flanzer vs Trolls

Flanzer is back with some state of the Trolls. Some really good discussion. Please hit us up with some feedback. We need a new logo, and we’re looking to the awesome TBS listeners for help. The winner gets a new in box Borka2, a guest appearance on an episode of the podcast, and general internet

The ScrumCast: Ep 6! To Be or Knot To Be!

Goris is sadly sits this one out but Dallas knocks it out of the park talking us through whats happening (pre MK3 announcement) and we talk about the Knot. Listen close. Only a few months left of this tech lol. Promo video Facebook event page Cystic Fibrosis page Raffle Info – https://youtu.be/s-gZiYHjhEE WarMachine and Hordes Tournament

Scrum Cast: Four New Gamers Episode 9 – Tired of OTC yet?

Ontario Team Championship wrap up. This episode we invite Corey, our team captain to join us as we go over all our games and our thoughts on the event. Four New Gamers is an entry level podcast around the game Warmachine/Hordes. Social Media -Facebook www.facebook.com/fournewgamers -Twitter @4newgamers -Twitch /YouTube /Tumblr @deffheaddice  

Scrum Cast: Four New Gamers Episode 7 – Organized Play

  This episode we do an overview of the organized play options, including some non-PP options. Plus we go into greater detail about the upcoming OTC event we’re attending, and we finish off with our take on the Warlock/Warcaster teasers mentioned on this week’s Primecast. Four New Gamers is an entry level podcast around the

Episode 5 of Glory & Coin-The Warmachine Mercenaries Podcast

Welcome to Episode 5 Of Glory & Coin: The podcast of Warmachine Mercenaries. This podcast will be a special episode. We took a quick break from the march through the factions to talk about Kevin at the Welsh Masters. Batreps all around. Here are the lists used: Drake MacBain – WJ: +6 – Sylys Wyshnalyrr,

Episode 36 of Removed From Play – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Hand Cannon Online presents… The 36th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath). If you haven’t listened to RFP before…here is how Juston TSB describes RFP. “You start with a little four play(episode intro and chit chat gets us ready for what’s to come).Then we get into the love making, starting with