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Retribution of Sasha: an IKRPG Myrmidon

Retribution of Sasha: an IKRPG Myrmidon

  Hello again! I took a bit of a break after Lock & Load, but I’m back on the wagon now. Onward! Well, sort of. First thing’s first: I’m dropping the “Blood and Paint” moniker of my articles. It just makes it a huge pain for search engines, and the titles become a bit unwieldy.

Episode 7 of Forgot to Feat – Dark Omen’s Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

On this week’s episode, the crew interviews Zach Glick about how he got into Warmachine and his love for Ios. We also delve into tournament competitive lists for Retribution, some thoughts on Issyria, and his Steamroller website. Steam Roller generator found at sr20x.com What is “Forgot to Feat” ? Forgot to Feat is a Podcast