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The Scrumcast: Ep 07 Flanzer vs Trolls

The Scrumcast: Ep 07 Flanzer vs Trolls

Flanzer is back with some state of the Trolls. Some really good discussion. Please hit us up with some feedback. We need a new logo, and we’re looking to the awesome TBS listeners for help. The winner gets a new in box Borka2, a guest appearance on an episode of the podcast, and general internet

The Scrumcast 2017: Ep 01 A Whole New Year

Trollbloods Scrum 2017 – Episode 1 – Jan 2017 Errata – Show Notes INTRODUCTIONS – Social Media -Facebook Facebook.com/trollbloodscrum -Twitter @TrollbloodScrum NEWS – Pummeler released late December – Errata – Battle Reporter Android app released HOBBY TIME Painting resolutions for 2017? I’m toying with trying to do the a point a day challenge. GAMES PLAYED

The ScrumCast: Ep 24 Happy Kriel Fest!

Dallas is back! and he is joined by Goris and Fraser. They talk command book and gush on Madrak Battle Reporter! Like Us!!! on Facebook! Wednesday is the official night for Trollblood Scrum Live! Wednesdays Pre-show @ 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT Main show @ 10pm EDT / 7:00pm PDT www.twitch.tv/DeffHeadDice www.twitch.tv/MooseMachineNetwork

The ScrumCast: Ep 13 – Happy 4th from the Scrum!

 Hey Scrummers! This episode we talk about the last few units then solos and whatever else that we feel like it. Please enjoy and shoot me any feedback. Don’t forget we record live tonight!!!!! Sergeant.Bus@trollbloodscrum.com   Battle Reporter >> https://goo.gl/kONg0W Like Us!!! Wednesday is the new official night for Trollblood Scrum Live! This week we

The ScrumCast: Ep 12 – Is there an echo in here?

Hey sorry Guys. Bit of an echo scattered about in the show this week. We are working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We talk about our units this week with a little bit of gushing here and there. Please enjoy. And as always I am opening to suggestions. Tune in next week to

The ScrumCast: Pre Lock & Load Bonus Episode

One member short and too excited to for the new releases so we just chill, chat and battle the internet.   Wednesday is the new official night for TrollbloodScrum Live! This week’s episode we continue our look at Mk3, focusing on units and solos. Wednesday June 8th Pre-show @ 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT Main