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Episode 5 of The Scrumcast: Last Call

Episode 5 of The Scrumcast: Last Call

On this episode, we talk about the what we are painting, the new ADR warlocks, and some list building. In addition, we talk about Seattle open and how I somehow got second. Stay tuned for our Lock and Load episode to follow!  

Episode 33 of RFP: Into The Arena – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Susan vs the Seattle Open. This podcast is a tournament recap episode, detailing Sam ‘Susan’ Ross’ games through the Seattle Open Masters, Warmachine Weekend Qualifier, which *spoiler alert* he did pretty well at */spoiler alert*. Sam brought Deneghra1/Asphyxious2/Terminus to this 3-list 50pt Masters event, and the results are posted here. Deneghra1 * Nightwretch * Nightwretch *