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Bonus Experience – My First Convention

Bonus Experience – My First Convention

Hello everyone, and welcome to what will be the last instalment of Bonus Experience for now. Today I’d like to cover the most surprisingly important event in my short Warmachine/Hordes-playing career: my first WM/H convention. Like many self-declared nerds, I don’t consider myself a terribly social person, and my convention-going experience prior to this involved

Everblight 2014 – Part VIII

This is my final article covering my games from Templecon 2014. It was an amazing convention and I played lots of great games. I can’t imagine not attending Templecon every year. Templecon 2014 – Iron Gauntlet Qualifier The first 4 rounds of this event were played on Thursday and the finals game was played Saturday

Everblight 2014 – Part VII

This article is one of my tournament reports from Templecon 2014. As I said in the last article these reports will not go into turn by turn details but instead cover the highlights and turning points. Templecon 2014 – Team Tournament This event took place on the Friday.  I was on a team with Jake

Everblight 2014 – Part VI

The next few articles are going to be about all the tournaments I participated in at Templecon 2014. I am not going into great detail on the games but I will provide my lists and some of the highlights or turning points in the games. Templecon 2014 – Special Forces Event This was a 50

Drifter’s Desktop – Issue 6

Unfortunately, what with Christmas and all, I’ve been a bit lazy.  I’m sorry. I did however buy a new camera – a Canon 70D.  So here are a bunch of photos! [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span4″][/col][col class=”span6″][/col][/row] I tried pushing the light about as far as it would push, I think.   [row class=”row-fluid”][col class=”span6″][/col][col class=”span6″]This guy

Templecon 2014: Charity Announcement

Over the past several Templecons, Lost Hemisphere has coordinated several charity fundraisers. Through the generosity of Templecon’s gaming community we have raised thousands of dollars that have gone on to provide relief for those impacted by devastating floods, respite for victims of Alzheimer’s and their families, and to aid in research and care for children

Episode 26 of Removed From Play – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Hand Cannon Online presents… The 26th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath). Templecon! This episode has Battle Reports from Temple, Stories from Templecon, Live recordings from Templecon Masters…I think it is fair to say this episode is all about Templecon! Enjoy the 26th Episode!