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The ScrumCast: Ep 10 – The BEASTisode! LOCK & LOAD!

The ScrumCast: Ep 10 – The BEASTisode! LOCK & LOAD!

Its Wednesday June 1st  and It is time to talk BEASTS! Time to talk about our warbeasts and how we think they fared in these early leaks. Please enjoy and get back to us. Wednesday is the new official night for TrollbloodScrum Live! This week’s episode we continue our look at Mk3, focusing on units and

The ScrumCast: Ep 4! Just over 7 days!

I can’t hardly believe it. Posted just a over a week since our last one went out. Man hot off the press by our standards…..I mean if we had any. Good times were had. Spirits were up and we had a good laugh. Well we talk about Trolls and stuff. What you reading this for?

The ScrumCast: Ep 3 – Company of what?

We are back and we don’t talk about Company of Iron because who cares? You do? Let us know about it. We are up to are usual scrum where  we discuss, News, Company of Iron, OTC, and our sweet new Data collection. Please use it. Post all your games! Win or lose. Also go check out our Kickstarter! It

The ScrumCast: Ep 2! LVO!

And we are Back! Can you believe it!? It’s only February and we already have 2 episodes! Woohoo! This time it is our usually shenanigans. Matt talks LVO and we do some speculation and announce projects we are working on. Please comment with anything you feel can make us better! You guys are the best!

Decked Out Articles: Buddy System – A Trollbloods Prime Deck by LightningGod

I’m Patrick (LightningGod on the PP Forums); otherwise known as that guy in the orange hoodie. After winning the Friday and Sunday Kingmakers at Lock and Load 2015, I’m sure people are curious about my Troll deck, which I am hereby naming “Buddy System.” Everything in the deck has a buddy or combination to watch