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Hellforged 2: A Blight for Charity (Vayl2 and Seraph)

Hellforged 2: A Blight for Charity (Vayl2 and Seraph)

Welcome back to “Damnation for Charity,” a.k.a. my brain! Last week we saw the Hellforged Ravagore make his debut, in all his terrible glory: This week we move on to the lady behind the madness: Vayl2, and her pet Seraph, Fluffy (or Spiky, or, as many others know him . . . Arm-Bitey-Ow-Stop-Help-Me). Vayl2 The

Episode 26 of RFP: Into The Arena – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Vayl2 (Charles) vs Rahn (Joel). This episode is a continuation of our in-depth Warcaster series, with an emphasis for the next several weeks on playing Thagrosh1. Charles brought Thagrosh1/Vayl2 to a traditional 2-list blind list chicken game, while Joel brought Vyros2/Rahn. Vayl2 * Angelius x2 * Scythean * Ravagore * Shredder Shepherd x2 Spell martyr Annyssa