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Cygnaran Storm: Lord Commander Stryker

Cygnaran Storm: Lord Commander Stryker

Known to some as Darth Stryker, epic Stryker, eStryker or Styker2, the Lord Commander is very different from his prime incarnation. Where Stryker1 was all about supporting his army with spells like Arcane Shield, Blur and Snipe, Stryker2 is a super-solo bent on assassinating casters by applying sword to face. Super-Solo Stryker Stryker is no

Review: Masterworks Captain Victoria Haley Statue

As announced at Lock and Load 2013, Privateer Press has released the first of their Masterworks statues: Captain Victoria Haley. Being ranked Captain makes this pHaley or Haley1, as eHaley (Haley2) holds the rank of Major, so this sculpt does not features the mechanikal arm. What’s in the box? A 1-peice Haley statue, a base

Cygnaran Storm: Lieutenant Allister Caine

Cygnaran Storm rumbles along covering Cygnar’s drunken caster: Lieutenant Allister Caine. At first glance Caine1 may appear to be an offensive super-solo who will win the game by himself while his troops are left to fend for themselves. But a closer look at his spell list shows that he’s actually a cleverly disguised support caster,

Cygnaran Storm: Journeyman Warcaster

Cygnaran Storm is a series focusing on individual models and units in Cygnar. Today we put the spotlight on the Journeyman Warcaster. Affectionately known as “Junior”, the Journeyman is perhaps the most popular Solo in Cygnar. For the most part he’s viewed as a one-trick pony, casting Arcane Shield and hiding in the back while

Conversion Corner: Ashlynn D’Elyse Warmachine warcaster

 The Ronin Warcaster Ashlynn D’Elyse   [singlepic id=2163 w=320 h=240 float=center]   During my work on the Sword Knight to Journeyman project (Part I & Part II) I started this quick little side project of converting the Mercenary Warcaster Ashlynn D’Elyse. I wanted to keep the feel of the original model but mix it up

A Journeyman’s Tour of the Motherland

Privateer Press’s Journeyman League has two target audiences: players new to the game and players looking to start a new faction. I fall just out of the first category, having started playing earlier this year, but I was interested in starting a second faction to gain further experience in the game and for a chance