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Ghools’ Painting Tips – Swamp Bases Made Easy

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Swamp Bases Made Easy

A quick and easy method for great looking swamp bases. This is demo’d on a 50mm base, but it can be scaled down or up as needed. Of course, the bigger the base, the more stuff you can do and cram onto there. I opted for a combination of functional and scenic. Nothing detracts from

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Non-Metallic Metal (NMM): Curved Steel Surfaces

This video runs just over 20 minutes, which is long for a quick tip. I go over the lighting nuances when painting a reflective and curved metal surface.  

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Non Metallic Metal (NMM): Flat Steel Surfaces

This video covers some basic, and quick techniques for NMM, or Non-matellic metal. In this video of the series I paint up a gun blue metal armour plate.  

Iron Kingdoms Adventures – The Escape part 2

Welcome back guys and girls to a new series made by Bleeped up Productions in conjunction with Hand Cannon Online. Iron Kingdoms Adventures is an IKRPG series that tells the story of a gobber, a trollkin and a dwarf as they venture into the world of the Iron Kingdoms. This is the second part and

Scrum Cast: Four New Gamers Episode 9 – Tired of OTC yet?

Ontario Team Championship wrap up. This episode we invite Corey, our team captain to join us as we go over all our games and our thoughts on the event. Four New Gamers is an entry level podcast around the game Warmachine/Hordes. Social Media -Facebook www.facebook.com/fournewgamers -Twitter @4newgamers -Twitch /YouTube /Tumblr @deffheaddice  

Scrum Cast: Four New Gamers Episode 7 – Organized Play

  This episode we do an overview of the organized play options, including some non-PP options. Plus we go into greater detail about the upcoming OTC event we’re attending, and we finish off with our take on the Warlock/Warcaster teasers mentioned on this week’s Primecast. Four New Gamers is an entry level podcast around the

Kith, Kriel, and Kin Protecting Your Linchpin

Welcome to another Kith, Kriel, and Kin article. As always, I am Kyle (IAmSweeps on the various interwebs). In this article, I want to remind players about a part of making lists and playing your game that can be extremely easy to forget, identifying and protecting the linchpin of your list. Introduction This topic came up,

RFP’s Strategy Contest brought to you by Broken Egg Games

BrokenEggGames.com is giving the winner of this contest a free Tournament Tray. The first one to solve this Strategy Puzzle and email the answers to omnus@removedfromplay.com will be that winner. The question is…How does the Legion player assassinate Haley2 with a 100% chance of success? Haley2 is at 4 Health and camping 1 Focus. The Stormwall is undamaged. The Squire