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Ghools’ Painting Tips – Basic Principles of Washes

Ghools’ Painting Tips – Basic Principles of Washes

This video covers some basic techniques, and reasons for using a wash. I cover the basic principles and my basic wash recipe, which is easy to tweak and adjust to each painter’s preference. There is some very basic stuff covered here, but for the more advanced painters, I show you how to use washes to

Painting With Secret Weapon Miniature Washes.

The Secret To Painting With Washes. I recently placed a large supply order from Secret Weapon miniatures. Amongst the things I ordered was their entire line of washes. Not having used them before I decided the best way to learn how they worked was to try painting an entire unit of models with only the

Tutorial: Basics – Glazed Over: Washes and Glazing

Welcome to another article in the Basics Series for Miniature Painting! In this article I will demonstrate techniques for glazing, and washing, and the difference between the two. The majority of this tutorial will cover glazing, since it is a technique a lot of painters struggle with understanding; How thick does the glaze need to