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Episode 27 of A Thrall Life – WMW 2015 Recap

Episode 27 of A Thrall Life – WMW 2015 Recap

Welcome to A Thrall Life, a Cryx-focused podcast featuring the thoughts and opinions of Ryan Chiriboga, James Brannan, Tom Guan, and Sam Ross, plus numerous guest hosts who bring unique insight to the Cryx community. It is our intention to be a very focused, issue-driven podcast where each episode we tackle a single subject in

Episode 5 of Blight Makes Right – The All Legion Podcast

We take some time to talk about Legion at WMW. Hosts of Blight Makes Right We have three hosts for Blight Makes Right. We wanted to make sure we have insight from three very different metas. There will be guest hosts from the Legion Community on some episodes, but these are the guys behind Blight

Episode 33 of RFP: Into The Arena – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Susan vs the Seattle Open. This podcast is a tournament recap episode, detailing Sam ‘Susan’ Ross’ games through the Seattle Open Masters, Warmachine Weekend Qualifier, which *spoiler alert* he did pretty well at */spoiler alert*. Sam brought Deneghra1/Asphyxious2/Terminus to this 3-list 50pt Masters event, and the results are posted here. Deneghra1 * Nightwretch * Nightwretch *