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It’s time to kick off another exciting year of Foodmachine! Year 8 of this enduring charity drive by the Privateer Press community is upon us and it’s time to start preparing your clubs and stores to hold an event. For players new to the concept, Foodmachine is our chance to help out families and individuals less fortunate than ourselves. It began as a way to collect cans of food for needy people and has since grown into a world wide effort with dozens of events. Last year we collected the equivalent of 50,000+ cans!

We encourage Pressgangers and other organizers to hold a Foodmachine tournament in your local area and collect food or cash donations to give to a local charity and help people right around you. Over the years, We’ve had so many gamers tell us that they themselves went without food or had to use charity sources to get enough to eat while growing up. Clearly, this is a cause that can help people who are just like you and me.

Sound interesting? Great! Now all you have to do is download the organizer’s pack here on Hand Cannon Online. This rules pack has been created to help you get an event started and some of the ways you can publicize it. It also contains the most fun part of a Foodmachine tournament – the cheats! You see, the root of every Foodmachine tournament is a system that allows you to cheat in the games you play in exchange for donated food. The more you give, the more you get to cheat!

After the event is over, we ask all the organizers to report their collections to us at This way we can keep track of all the wonderful success going on around the globe. If you have already held your event this year, please email us the results now. If not, we encourage you to plan your event sometime between November 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2013 and then email us the results as soon as possible. Note that you can use any method of donations (like cash or other goods); just email us with your results and we’ll help convert it into a can equivalent for reporting purposes.

Project Orange Crush (Hunger)

After the success of the past two years, we are again putting up an orange-themed charity army for auction. This year we are going with the full line of Convergence of Cyriss models for painters around the globe to donate their efforts to. Painters buy and paint up models that are then assembled into a single army put up for auction. For every dollar you donate, you get a chance to win the entire army! See the army as its collection grows by visiting and while you are there consider donating to the cause.

Click here to visit the sign up page


Foodmachine Essentials

Foodmachine Rules

Foodmachine Deutsch

“Breaking the Rules”

At any point during a game, a player may donate a canned good (or can equivalent if using cash donations) to create an in-game effect. These canned goods are in addition to any canned goods that were donated for the registration fee. The following are the in-game effects that are generated by extra donations:

During your game, you may donate 1 canned good to:

1. Add +1 to your initiative die roll per can donated. Secretly decide a number of cans to donate and after your opponent decides how many cans to donate, reveal the total bonus amount and then roll for initiative.

2. Re-roll 1 of your dice. Each subsequent time you break this rule, whether for it’s for the same die or a different die, the cost to break this rule doubles. For example the 1st re-roll=1 can, 2ndre-roll=2 cans, 3rd re-roll=4 cans, 4th re-roll=8 cans. The cost resets back to 1 can at the start of your next turn. You cannot re-roll the initiative roll.

3. Force your opponent to re-roll 1 of his/her dice. Each subsequent time you break this rule, whether for it’s for the same die or a different die, the cost to break this rule doubles. The cost resets back to 1 can at the start of your opponent’s next turn. You cannot force a re-roll your opponent’s initiative roll.

4. Shift damage one column/branch to the left or right or shift grids on a Colossal/Gargantuan once per damage roll.

During your game, you may donate 3 cans to:

1. SATED: Trigger ‘Shake Effects’ on a warcaster/warlock or warjack/warbeast instead using of using Focus/Fury. Can only be used once per turn on one warcaster/warlock or warbeast/warjack.

2. FREE LUNCH: Give your warcaster/warlock an extra focus/fury point during the control phase. This may be in excess of their focus/fury stat, but does not change the stat itself. Your warcaster/warlock receives this focus even if other effects do not normally allow him focus/fury points. Can only be used once per turn.

3. DINNERTIME!: Generate 1 free non-charge power attack. Each subsequent time you break this rule per turn, the cost to break this rule doubles. The cost resets back to 3 cans at the start of your next turn.

4. EMACIATED: Colossals/Gargantuans may be moved or placed out of activation.

You may donate 10 cans to:

1. STARVATION: At the start of your game, force an opponent’s advance deploy model/unit to lose the advance deploy ability. Decide this after seeing your opponent’s list but before you roll for the initiative roll. Can only be used once per game.

2. At the start of your game, give 1 non-character jack/beast (non Colossal/Gargantuan) HUNGRY. HUNGRY adds +1 MAT, RAT, DEF, and ARM to the stat line for the duration of the game. Can only be used once per game.

3. DESPERATE: A model/unit may run and then perform their action for one turn. At the end of their activation treat them as fleeing (even fearless models). The following turn they may not activate.

4. FRIENDS IN NEED: Designate one Mercenary or Minion models/unit as a friendly Faction model/unit for one game round.

The following cheats can only be used once per tournament. Once paid for they are in force for the duration of the tournament.

You may donate 50 cans to:

1. Take one out-of-faction non character (non Colossal or Gargantuan) Warjack or Warbeast for your Warcaster or Warlock (respectively). This Warjack or Warbeast counts as a friendly Faction model. May only be used for a single Warjack or Warbeast per tournament.

You may donate 75 cans to:

1. Take one out-of-faction Character Warjack or Warbeast for your Warcaster or Warlock (respectively). This Warjack or Warbeast counts as a friendly Faction model. May only be used for a single Warjack or Warbeast per tournament.

2. Take one out-of-faction battle engine for your army. This model counts as a friendly Faction model. May only be used for a single battle engine once per tournament.

You may donate 100 cans to:

1. Take one out-of-faction Colossal or Gargantuan for your Warcaster or Warlock (respectively). This Colossal or Gargantuan counts as a friendly Faction model. May only be used for a single Colossal or Gargantuan per tournament.


Keeping up with current Foodmachine News

To get all the details about Foodmachine, visit this website or . And if you still have questions, just email and we’ll get you on your way.

Aside from becoming involved with the community that can be found at the Foodmachine Facebook page link above, Hand Cannon Online will also be working to gather article content from anyone who is organizing Foodmachine tournaments or that chooses to participate in Project: Orange Crush (Hunger). This year we would like to go even further by showcasing your communities good work as well as show off your Orange Crush paint jobs (either as works in progress or completed model).

Those of you wishing to participate can send reports of events with photos as well as photos of Orange Crush models to:


To bodge Foodmachine up to Page 5 standards, Privateer Press has again stepped up as they have in years past with prizes to help recognize the donations.  They will be designing custom vinyl banners with their artwork and the names of the winners of each prize category of Foodmachine.  Those categories are:

  •  Most cans donated overall
  •  Most cans/player
  •  Single largest individual donation

Additionally, the group that donates the most cans overall will win the travelling Foodmachine trophy.


 Thanks again for helping us continue to make Foodmachine great.  All of your efforts are important.  Let’s all donate like we have a pair!


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