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The Learning Curve: Back to Basics

Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest installment of The Learning Curve. People arrive at the Warmachine and Hordes game systems in many different ways. Some of them are brand-new; they just caught a glimpse of the models and finally passed through the threshold to start their first miniatures game. Others have several years of experience

Cygnar Master Track: Spotlight – Darius (Part 2)

Masters Track Spotlight, Darius (List Evolution) Let’s start off with a reminder of what Master’s Track is – it’s an article series designed at following a player attending a Masters or Hardcore tournament at, at least one Major Con during the tournament season. Each Series will begin with an article detailing faction and caster selection

Tutorial: Basic – Thematic Basing – Part 2: Base Building

Part 2, or ‘Paint It, and They Will Look Even Cooler.’ You can find Part 1 of this tutorial – ‘Base Building Basics’ here! So, you now have the basic knowledge on how to build a few different kinds of bases, with a few basic materials. Now, how do we go about making them as

Tutorial: Basic – Thematic Basing – Part 1: Base Building

One of the most important aspects of making your models look their best is very often overlooked. A well-done, scenic base can add a lot to all the hard work you put into your paint jobs, and can really make characters, and unique personalities stand out on the battlefield. Not only does it make them