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Tutorial: Advanced – That One Hurt!: Painting Battle Damage

[singlepic id=880 w=150 h=150 float=center] We all love tabletop wargames, and our miniatures often see many battles. As hobbyists, we want our miniatures to look it! Well-done battle damage effects can make miniatures look more realistic on the battlefield, and also more fun to look at. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate a couple different

Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Completion

Welcome back to the Final Installment of the Storm Strider Previews! It’s been a long and arduous journey since I was first handed this beauty at Lock n’ Load to preview on Hand Cannon. I had a vision. It was ambitious. I thought I could do it in two weeks. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

ETC 2011 Report – Part 2

Game 3 vs. More CACK CACK is an abbreviation for “Coppull And Chorley Knights”, a wargaming club in the North West. They were our first english opponents and after some pleasantries and pairings we were ready to throw down! * Barnabas – Kromac * Magnus – Mohsar * Gorten – Grim Angus * Carver –

Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Painting the Walker

Welcome to the next installment of Battle Engine Week! (Actually, it’s now three weeks, as I had to push this article back a few days in order to get finished painting just the Strider itself! But, who’s counting….right?) As I continue through the Storm Strider Preview series of articles, I’m now finding that this project

Master Track Event Report: Lock and Load – Part 1

Master Track Lock And Load Part 1: Arrival, Iron Area, and Masters 2. Before Departure Event Planning For Lock and Load I signed up for Masters 2 (night games), and Hardcore 2 (morning games). This event isn’t quite like Gen Con where there is a lot of overlap and continuous events so I just registered

Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Basing the Beast

Welcome back to Battle Engine Week 2! Last week I revealed what was in the Strom Strider box, and how to assemble the resin and white metal walker. This week, I’ll be building a scenic, and appropriately Epic base, and showing you how to paint the Strider itself quickly, so you can get it to