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Lock n’ Load: A Painter’s Journey to the Competition – Anticipation

For those of you following these diaries, and who were hoping to get an installment last week, you have my deepest apologies. Life got in the way, and I ended up taking my kids out quite a bit, since it was nice. I have been consumed by painting my contest entries, and let me tell

The Impossible Road to ETC: 15pt Milestone

I have good news and bad news. Good news is that I’ve reached the 15pts milestone! Barnabas and his buddies are merrily traversing my Zuzzy mat in search of fun and adventure. [singlepic id=374 w=640 h=480 float=] Some close ups of the individual models:   Barney and his bestest buddy: [singlepic id=384 w=640 h=480 float=]

Flaming d20 – IKRPG Anticip…

Another fine Flaming d20 production. Bearding the lions den of miniatures games (which, despite common opinion, I do play…) I have taken upon myself the effort of bearing the torch of modern Role Playing Games. In this article I discuss the upcoming IKRPG and what I’d like to see from it. [singlepic id=433 w=160 h=120

Painting Your Gators

[singlepic id=372 w=320 h=240 float=center] Crocs are cool. They and the boars seem to be the current vogue in Hordes. Unfortunately, I was never really happy with how the gators got painted in the studio. The colors are drab and swampy ( which is reasonable given that they are gators), but this just doesn’t fly

Lock n’ Load: A Painter’s Journey to the Competition – Hardcore

Welcome back to my weekly diaries, which document my progress to Privateer Press’ Lock n’ Load Gamefest in June! This series will cover my journey to my first ‘real’ convention since 1994, and entering in the competitions held there. I’ll be documenting the aftermath as well, so keep your eyes on this series if you’re