Emanuel Class

2015-05-08 12.59.50

Nickname: BloodRath, +Rath

Resides: Sacramento, CA

Local Game Store: A-1 Comics; Roseville CA

Born: December 23rd, 1986

Started Writing for HCO: Summer of 2012

Started Podcasting: August, 2012

Roles: Press Ganger, Social Media Coordinator for RFP, Senior Writer for HCO, Host for Removed From Play: Prime and RFP 2015 

Favorite Games: Warmachine, Hordes, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Chess, and Dungeons and Dragons

Introduction to Gaming: I was born into a gaming family. I started with a plethora of board games and card games. As a kid I played many of the early gaming consoles, but then moved completely into collectible hobby games in middle school with Magic the Gathering and Mage Knights. From 2000 to 2009 I played MTG extremely competitively. Switched to Warmachine, and now it’s the only game I play with any frequency.

Joining the HCO Family: My first article was an interview by Charles Arrasmith about my views on Legion. From that point on I started writing articles under the guidance of Lucas Smith. Soon thereafter RFP season 1 started and, before I knew it, I had become one of the primary contributors to Hand Cannon Online.

Achievements: As a Pressganger, I have organized events in half a dozen states and created some of the largest online social media groups for individual cities. I have also grown RFP social media pages to be one of the most followed Warmachine podcast-related pages on Facebook. I have competed at 2 Lock and Loads, 2 AdeptiCons, TempleCon, Feast of Blades and, more recently, was on the winning team in the team tournament at the Las Vegas Open.