Jacob Frelinger

2015-07-10 14.41.36
Nickname: Zombiepops, Dr Jake

Resides: Seattle, WA

Local Game Store: Card Kingdom, Seattle

Born: October 1st

Started Podcasting: September 2014

Roles: Host for RFP 2015 and RFP: Decked Out, Hosted on RFP: Into The Arena and the official Minions Advocate on RFP

Favorite Games: Warmachine, Hordes, High Command, Liar’s Dice, Curse of Monkey Island

Introduction to Gaming: I started gaming with classic DOS text adventure and ASCII games in the mid 80s. I was introduced to RPGs when a friend received the basic D&D red box when I was 11. A few years later I was introduced to miniature gaming when I spent a year living in UK, and was exposed to various Games Workshop board games and tabletop games. In high school I began playing CCGs with MTG, and INWO.

Joining the HCO Family: I was invited on to an episode of Removed from Play season 2 to talk about minions in the Iron Gauntlet format. Soon after I was ask to participate in an episode of Decked out. These recordings led to my invitation to officially join Decked Out and ITA. When ITA was retired, I joined the new list focus series for RFP 2015.

Goals: More consistently place X-1 or better in tournaments while continuing to represent Minions. Travel to more conventions!