Sam Ross

2015-08-14 17.57.45

Nickname: Susan.

Resides: Lakewood, WA.

Local Game Store: The Game Matrix.

Born: October 28. Scorpio-4-Life.

Started Writing for HCO: 2013.

Started Podcasting: 2013.

Roles: Frequent podcastor, occasional editor, sporadic writer. Karaoke master, boardgame analyst, and Devil’s advocate. Co-Host on Removed from Play 2015, Thrall Life, and When Nerds Collide.

Favorite Games: Warmachine, Hearthstone, Star Wars Armada, Loaded Questions, Werewolf One Night, Prisoner’s Dilema.

Introduction to Gaming: For nerdy gaming specifically, my High School crew and I had the pleasure of discovering D&D and Warhammer 40k together (we’ve all moved on to better systems since). As for competitive gaming generally, when I was 10 or so my family had to draft homebrew rules of conduct for Catchphrase because our unregulated games were ending in too many physical injuries, so it kinda runs in my blood.

Joining the HCO Family: I started podcasting with the original RFP: Into the Arena crew back in 2013, though I may have written an article or two and/or podcasted with Charles and Emon about some of the bigger local tournaments a couple times before then.

Achievements: 1st Place, Seattle Open Warmachine Weekend Qualifier 2014. 2nd Place, Intermountain Cup Warmachine Weekend Qualifier Spring 2013. 1st Place, Gauntlet Charity Event Team RFP 2015. Mage Hunter, Lock and Load Hardcore Tournament 2013. 1st Place, I-5 Warmachine Team Championship 2015, Team Robby’s Angels.