Timothy Black

authorphotoNickname: Mercykiller

Resides: Seattle, WA

Local Game Store: Mox Boarding House

Born: December 21st, 1974

Started Writing for HCO: Spring 2014

Started Podcasting: January 2015

Roles: Author of the Gearteeth novels, Senior Editor for HCO, Host of Removed From Play: Prime and RFP: When Nerds Collide.

Favorite Games: Warmachine, Hordes, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III, Wildstar, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, High Command. 

Introduction to Gaming: A fellow outcast in high school said I looked like I played D&D. Then he introduced me to D&D 🙂  Miniatures gaming began with Rogue Trader 40k (1st edition) and the old Epic battles. Yes, I’ve been gaming for 25 years, why do you ask?

Joining the HCO Family: I was listening to Season 2 of the Removed From Play podcast when I overheard they were raising donations for Child’s Play via the Gauntlet event at Card Kingdom. I’d grown tired of the Stormhammer Brigade and, rather than part it out and sell it, I decided to donate it to the cause. After that, a couple of guest podcast spots, a couple of articles, and I’d wormed my way into their hearts!

Achievements: Gaming-wise, I created the first all-converted and painted Warmachine army that obeyed the first generation of Steamroller conversion rules, the Stormhammer Brigade, back in MkI. Originally conceived as a way to show how you could still personalize and convert an army and remain tournament-legal (I’d grown tired of the naysayers), I eventually grew out of the army and donated it to the RFP team. Selling it off raised over $5200 for charity that year. I also created the Crimson Harvest Skorne-Orgoth army and the Sunhammer Configuration for Convergence. Currently, I am working on the Hellforged, an infernal Legion army modified with mechanika that will be donated to Dark Omen’s Boost for the Cure.

In terms of writing, I won the Crypticon 2014 Horror contest with my short story ‘Innocence’ (Crypticon Seattle’s de-Compositions 2014), and have subsequently published a novel with Blysster Press (Gearteeth). In addition, I have a short story (‘Bloodslick’) in the anthology Lurking in the Deep, and have another short story (‘Pretty Colors’) coming out in the new Slice Girls anthology. I’ve also written two novellas set within the Iron Kingdoms: Jonathon Worthington, Strangelight Investigator (Case 17: The Mystery of the Giggling Gobber and Case 18: The Mystery of the Purloined Past).